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“Aidan Lucid takes us into this ambitious work by carefully crafting his characters and settings. We soon find ourselves in a world where the product of his wonderful imagination is both believable and thrilling.”

                                                                                 - Tommy Frank O’ Connor, bestselling author of, The Poacher’s Apprentice
"Aidan Lucid fleshes out a character with the best of them. Each and every major player has a well defined and consistent personality and he did a great job of keeping me sympathetic with the protagonist. The plot of the book is solid and engaging, exciting and well developed.  All told, I believe Aidan shows promise in his story and I will keep my eye out for the next one. I enjoy his unique story and I believe he has the potential to become a successful YA author."
                                                                                        -   Scott Collins, author of, Days' End 
"Aidan's book is well written. Readers of all ages will be enthralled by Henry's efforts to save the king of Zargothia and his people from the evil Sadarkain army." 

                                                                                     -   Olive O'Brien, author of, Eco Zico.  

"Aidan Lucid's, The Lost Son, is entertaining fantasy escapism that is fun to read, because it combines various elements in an enjoyable way and the story has themes that many readers will find easy to relate to. This novel will especially appeal to young adult readers who enjoy fast-paced fantasy adventures with lots of magic and action, but it will also be of interest to older readers who want to read something light and entertaining." 

                                                                                - Seregil of Rhiminee, Risingshadow. Full Review 

"When I started reading this book some of the scenarios seemed a little irrelevant but as the story unfolded it all fell in to place. The flow of the book is such that I just kept on reading. There are some great fight scenes in this book, and some very well fleshed out interactions of totally believable characters.
    The illustrations are a nice touch.
    Give it a try; you will enjoy it, especially if you believe in magic.
    The intimation that there is going to be a second book is great. I want to see how Henry’s past has changed him and helped him adapt to the common world."

                                                                                 - J.D. Warner, author of, Hex-a-tek 

"The Lost Son, is a unique fantasy that begins with a bang. This fast-paced adventure keeps the reader turning pages, while it offers a story that will keep you guessing."

                                                                                  - Brandy Alexander, author of, Genesis.

"I read, The Lost Son and it's excellent."

                                                                                  - Jennifer Shepard, author of, Scottish Alliance.  

"I really enjoyed reading this story. This book was unlike others I've previously read. I loved how the past, the present and an entirely different world were blended so well together. I really liked that we got to see so many different views on everything going on and how everything just blended so well."

                                                                                 - Ruby McDemon, Goodreads reviewer.    

"What I liked about this novel is that the author didn't beat around the bush. He hits the ground running with a memorable opening chapter....All in all, I did enjoy, The Lost Son. Make no mistake, if you're after a fast-paced fantasy novel with lots of action and strong female characters, then, The Lost Son, is for you."

                                                                                  -   Roberta Cook